How to Save Money on Travel Insurance for Over Age 70

January 26, 2011

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Creative Commons License photo credit: dpwolfGetting travel insurance for over age 70 is not that hard. It might be pricier than for someone who is 25, but it still can be very affordable when you do it right. Keep in mind that there are many companies offering this coverage, and people over 70 are one of the primary age groups that they target. This is because older people are known for travelling a lot, because they are retired and have more time to do so.

This coverage will pay for a number of things when travelling. First of all, it will cover the cost of luggage that gets lost because of mistakes by the airline. This is all too common, and is one of the main reasons people get travel coverage. Also, it will pay for the costs of losing out on your vacation because your flight got canceled, as well as the price of the flight itself. In other words, any reservations you had that you are not able to get a refund for are covered, as well as tee times, tickets for sporting events, etc.

Obviously these are all things that people of all age groups deal with. Therefore, you might be wondering why people over 70 will pay more. The reason is, these plans also cover medical expenses, such as if you have to go to the hospital during the trip. Since people over 70 are more likely to suffer hospitalizations than someone younger, they will pay more money. This is particularly true if you have some sort of pre-existing health condition.

In other words, you will pay more for travel insurance for over age 70 than you would if you were younger. However, you can still save money. The way to achieve this is to get as many quotes as you can, and go with the cheapest quality firm out there. Just make sure you read reviews of the firm you are considering, because some of them are much higher quality than others. It is good to save money, but not at the expense of sacrificing quality coverage.

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