Tips To Lose Belly Fat – The Healthy Way

February 11, 2011

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A lot of women tend to put on weight in the most unflattering areas of the body like the tummy and the hips. Many women rage a constant battle against excessive body fat most of their lives, but the problem becomes even more severe when they turn 50. Additionally, belly fat in women over 50 is a bad sign indicating increased chances of many serious health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, arteriosclerosis and etc.

If you are a woman aged above 50 having extra body fat around your midriff, take heed of the following points to lose belly fat and lead a healthier life:

  • Be extra careful about what you eat. Keep away from oily and sugary stuff loaded with unhealthy fats. Steer clear of foods having ‘empty calories’.
  • Incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Foods rich in Vitamin C like lemons, oranges etc. are known to help burn fat efficiently.
  • Keep in mind that no magic pill or health supplement will burn off your fat in a jiffy. In order to realize results, you will have to carefully monitor your daily nutritional intake.
  • Exercising for 15-30 minutes everyday is vital to reduce belly fat. Start out small and gradually increase the amount of time you exercise each day.
  • Begin by purchasing an adjustable dumbbell set to choose the amount of weight you want to start out with. Powerblock dumbbell set is one of the best adjustable dumbbell sets in the market right now.

There are a lot of different products available in the market that promises instant results with the press of a button. Remember, real weight loss will happen from inside and only by following a strict diet regimen. Consult a dietician to make a suitable diet chart for yourself and lose your belly fat the healthy way.

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