Camping After Retirement

March 16, 2011

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خيمة | Tent [EXPLORED]
Creative Commons License photo credit: ViXL Faisal AlKhudairy فيصل الخضيري
Far too many people reach retirement and decide that they are too old to go out and live life.  After a lifetime of dreaming about all the opportunities they would have as soon as they didn’t have to work any more, this is a terrible shame.  There is no such thing as too old to go experience the world.  Now is a great time to make a camping checklist, pack up the car, and explore the country.

If medical concerns are holding you back, consider looking into age concern travel insurance.  These plans are specifically tailored to older travelers and cover things like pre-existing conditions and medical equipment that other travel insurance companies might leave uncovered.  They can also cover more expensive equipment, like costly photography supplies, that may not fall under other plans.  Some will even offer a free bonus plan for children under 18 if you would like to bring the grandchildren along for the trip.

Sleeping on the hard ground may not have the same romance that it once did, but that is no reason to avoid camping.  Air mattresses, campers, and cabins all offer more comfortable sleeping arrangements and still give you that close to nature feel on a reasonable budget.  There are many options to increase your comfort and allow you to enjoy this type of trip.

Once the job is over, money can be tight.  Camping is a much less expensive way to travel, giving you the chance to see new sites without breaking the bank or hurting the budget.  As people with large families have known for generations, camping is a good way to travel.

Retirement is a great time to explore the world.  You have the freedom and the savings that you may never have had before in your lifetime.  It’s time to take advantage of these factors and see the things you have always dreamed of experiencing.

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