Browns Gas and Combustion

October 1, 2011

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People are into the green these days. One of the latest in technology is the use of hydrogen fuel cell kit to convert cars to run on hydrogen as fuel. Hydrogen is an environment-friendly and efficient fuel and produces lesser emissions. It is cleaner, thus is less harmful to our environment.

Another gas that is known to be clean is browns gas. It is the gaseous form of water and is introduced to the combustion chamber of an engine to increase the energy efficiency, thus producing cleaner emissions.

All about the gas

An electrolyzer that uses the electricity produced by the battery of the engine produces this kind of gas. This results to the splitting of water to two separate hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom. When hydrogen and oxygen atoms are combined within the chamber, its explosiveness increases. When it is combined with fuel, spark plugs might ignite.

When this kind of gas is introduced in the combustion chamber, emissions are reduced from an internal combustion chamber. It has been reported that people who use this kind of gas experience twenty to sixty percent lesser emissions. When a car has been used between sixty and two hundred miles, introduction of this gas cleans the engine and provides better performance. Moreover, according to several users, diesel engines are cleaner burning compared to petrol engines. Therefore, the effects of this gas are noticed more quickly compared in diesel engines than petrol.

To install an electrolyzer to push the gas into the combustion chamber of the engine, the electroylzer is attached to the carburetor of the engine at one end and receives power from the battery used to start the engine. A car using this kind of gas runs as a hybrid engine, thus combining the atoms produced from water to combine with the fuel the engine was designed to run on.

This gas is not only known as an alternative to fuel, but also serves many useful applications even at home.

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