Will second hand Kindle UK still sell!

December 30, 2011

in Electronics

Amazon Kindle & Sony eBook
Creative Commons License photo credit: jblyberg

The rash of second hand Kindle UK is going to increase this coming January. That’s not a prediction but an announcement.  Basing it on the coming events more people are going to discard their Kindle e readers in exchange for the Kindle Fire. Hopefully the agony of waiting will end up before the middle of January. Since the android has e book reader capabilities we can say that the choice isn’t going to be hard. For $199 dollars, these has to be converted to pounds, the customers will have a tablet and e reader at the same time. Okay you’ll ask me, what the difference is if you buy Nook or Sony instead. You have to decide for yourself. But as you can see they don’t have what it take to be like Kindle or they’ll be having the best sales instead of what the Kindle tablet is getting now. I’m sure they can make the same quality, there’s no question about it. They can create the same product what Amazon did to the android but at what price. You see, that’s the big difference between Amazon and its competitor. Amazon has the ability to give the customers the quality they want at the price they can afford. Will the used Kindles going to sell as they use to? The answer may be no. The price of brand new Kindle, the WIFI with navigational touch is very cheap indeed. It’s selling at $79. And it my go lower with the coming two more Kindle 4s. One of them, the WIFI Touch version is selling at below a hundred dollars. The WIFI touch has two older versions. The WIFI with navigational buttons, that’s the one we just discussed few sentences ago, and the oldest is the WIFI with keyboards. Who would like to return to keyboards when Kindle’s version of long awaited touch screens is here at last?

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