The Age of Digital Terrestrial Television

January 10, 2012

in Electronics

The technology today has already reached the age of digital revolution. Many types of equipment today are already using digital signals to convey information and it also has entered our home viewing experience. Digital terrestrial television or DTT is a form of television system that uses digital signals to transmit information to our home televisions. Let us know more about this type of television system and its benefits to our modern society.

Probably the greatest advantage of using digital signals is the number and amount of information that can be transmitted in a single process. Digital television systems can provide better qualities of television experience. The number of channels is higher than previous television system and the quality of the picture and sounds are far greater than its previous versions. When it comes to broadcasting, it is also more convenient and cost-effective.

Digital terrestrial television uses the same aerial antenna as analog television systems. The only difference is that digital system uses a set-top box that decodes the digital information. Ordinary television sets can only read analog signals which means they can’t be fed by digital signals. The set-top box allows ordinary television set to receive digital signals by decoding them to analog information. This is the common process of having an old television and digital television system. But newer television sets today don’t need set-top box anymore to decode digital signals. They have their own decoders installed in them.

Although there are many benefits in using digital terrestrial television, there are still some problems regarding it. Probably the main problem would be the cost of converting into one. It would take some time and money to convert into digital broadcasting. There would also be some adjustments in homes like the set-top box and newer aerial antenna.

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