Stop Squirrels From Invading your Home

February 1, 2012

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The pests known as squirrels are common enough in any household in the United States that countless customers roam the pest control aisles, looking for the best squirrel control for homeowners and their property. Squirrels are no different from other vermin like mice or rats; they will eat almost anything and breed quickly. There are several ways of squirrel control, either to reduce or eliminate their presence on your property. This list is some of the more environmentally friendly options.

The natural predators of squirrels are raptor birds; hawks, eagles, and owls, all of whom scan the treetops for their next meal from hundreds of feet above. Attracting one of these beautiful birds into your backyard is not only a means of wonder and majesty, but will severely depopulate the local pests. These birds eat almost constantly, as many as half a dozen meals per day to fuel their large bodies and wingspans. Indeed, during mating season, a female hawk or eagle is the veritable jackpot, as they must feed chicks round the clock, and consume nearly twenty such squirrels or other rodents.

How, then, to attract such a natural squirrel control for homeowners? The best way is to make your backyard attractive to raptor birds. Birds naturally look for a tree in order to raise their young, but trees provide too many leaves and branches to be able to see prey from within. Simply setting up a raptor pole — a twenty five foot rod with an open basin at the top — makes an attractive nest or roosting point for any bird of prey. With these poles, they can easily see squirrels running about and make your nuisance into their next meal. These birds are also territorial, so that one simple pole can support an entire family, keeping them coming back to your yard and keeping squirrels out for good.

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