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February 23, 2012

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There are plenty of people who appreciate the speed and ease of cooking things in a microwave but I have to say this has never appealed to me. Don’t get me wrong I have obviously had food from a microwave because frankly, who can avoid it these days? But, I have never owned or wanted to own one.

My idea of speed cooking is with an electric Pressure cooker these may not be as fast as a microwave but I am sure that the food will taste a lot better. Pressure cookers were very popular back in the 70s but that was when people had to boil their beans and lentils for hours, with a pressure cooker this cooking time was reduced dramatically. These days you can buy all the beans and lentils you want and they are precooked which means you don’t have to boil them for hours.

There is no doubt that pressure cookers have come a long way, you can buy a Cuisinart electric Pressure cooker these days that come with timers and precision thermostats as well as safety guards. These cookers will not pressurize unless the lid is fitted properly and securely. When you buy a Cuisinart pressure cooker you will get 1,000 watts of power and a decent six quart capacity pot. This is more than enough capacity to make great stews and soups to feed your family. There are two pressure settings [6 and 10 psi] this allows you to have a little more control over your cooking times, and with its built in timer any long cooking jobs are much easier as you don’t have to stand over it in case you forget to turn it off. As with any new appliance a new pressure cooker will take a little getting use too, but once you have it mastered you will not look back.

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