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April 20, 2012

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Treating our pets with topical medicines have become a very popular and convenient way to deal with a vast range of parasites over the last few years.  There is no denying that these treatments work and that they are very effective but it has to be said that they are not to every-bodies liking.  For those of us that do not like the idea of having any sort of residues left on our pets bodies then there are alternatives.  If you just wish to deal with your dogs flea problems then you have the option of Comfortis this is a very effective oral flea control for dogs.  Comfortis has only one active ingredient and this is Spinosad which is derived from a naturally occurring microbe that is found in the soil.

Comfortis attacks the fleas nervous system making it hyperactive and causing it to die very quickly before it has the chance to lay any eggs and because Comfortis works for a whole month any new fleas that try to attach to your pet are also quickly destroyed.  If you wish to deal with internal parasites as well then it is possible to get a combined oral treatment that will deal with larval stage heartworm as well as roundworm, hookworm and whipworm.

Treating heartworm and intestinal parasites orally as well as fleas will be a job for Trifexis for dogs.  This is also available as a beef flavored chewable treat.  As with any ongoing medication it is a good idea to try and source the cheapest place to buy your medicines.  When you look at the online pet meds site you will be given plenty of information as to the best products as well as the best prices.  There are several ways to reduce the cost of your pets medicines, you could try buying in bulk or alternatively you could opt for generic treatments.  Before deciding explore your options online this could save you a considerable amount of your hard earned cash.

photo by: Dave 2x

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