Court Reporting In Oklahoma City

August 16, 2012

in Legal

If you have hired an attorney for a case you may come into contact with an Oklahoma City court reporting agency or freelancer. These individuals are responsible for taking down exact word spoken by the individuals involved in a case either in the court room or in a deposition using a device that works similar to a keyboard, but with fewer keys. Finding a great Oklahoma City court reporting professional will mean finding someone with some serious experience. Those who have achieved the title of court reporter have gone through extensive training and can typically take the reporting in 225 words or more a minute. This is the standard requirement to become certified in the field.

Many individuals never finish their training in Oklahoma City court reporting. The reason for this is likely the repetitive nature of the job and the constant pressure to make word count. Those who are good at the job may not be able to do it for an incredibly long period of time due to the stress that it can physically put on your hands. Hiring a qualified Oklahoma City court reporting professional is something that your attorney may do when you are about to hold a deposition on your behalf. This is when they are able to question individuals involved in a filed lawsuit regarding exact specifics relating to the lawsuit. The reporter takes the questions and answers down exactly and then the information is transferred to text and presented to the parties involved, typically in a bound version. This deposition is used for exploration of the facts but can in some cases be admitted into court as evidence.

Many attorneys will have particular court reporting companies that they use consistently because they trust them to report accurately and have excellent turn around time. These professionals are extremely valuable for a law firm or a courthouse. Most courts have their own in house court reporters. While the pay varies depending on location, experience and venue, the court reporters do make a good living because of their specialty. Due to the nature of the work and the stress that it can put on the court reporter, they are compensated well. Additionally, accuracy is vital and well worth the money paid to them. Freelance court reporters are available as well. They are required to follow the same rules as any other reporter and many of them must hold a certification and licensing by the state.

It is important that they understand the confidentiality of a situation because they can often be involved in the same case in multiple fashions. They may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement that states they will not release information that they learn during the reporting process. Taking the time to find the right court reporter is essential when it comes to the evidence at hand. The court reporter must be able to provide accurate reporting in a timely fashion with no mishaps in order for them to be valuable to those in need of their services. You can often find a listing of qualified court reporters at the local courthouse or by contacting the local association of court reporters. This will also provide you with some basic information about the potential court reporting candidates.

If you are the one being deposed remember that the court reporter is focusing on the words you are saying more than the entire makeup of the conversation. They may not really be putting it all together because the training for the speed that they must record teaches them how to separate those things and get the words down accurately.

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