Understanding The Importance Of Red Wiggler Worms

August 16, 2012

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It was not easy for me to take my mother seriously when she shared with me that she was purchasing red wiggler worms online. I thought that red wiggler worms were something that kids wanted for a snack, and certainly did not think that they were something living and productive. However, my mother had been getting very interested in building a compost in our back yard, and she said that the red wiggler worms were part of her plan. Being very naive, I had no idea what she was talking about. However, I decided to look into this, as it seems to be a growing interest all around the nation.

Many people have not considered composting. However, composting can be very important and effective. Recycling the organic types of waste of one household can allow individuals to return necessary organic matter into our soil. It is clear that by having a compost, one can participate in the natural cycle of life and cut down on the huge amount of garbage that is going into our landfills every day. While this seems fairly easy and agreeable, there seems to be a new trend that is catching on all across the nation. Many individuals are beginning to experiment with worm composting. While this may sound quite strange and maybe even gross, there are actually a lot of benefits.

Worm composting is another method for recycling older foods or scraps, into soil conditioner. One wonderful benefit to composting with worms is that it can be done both indoors and outdoors, which means that composting can be performed all year round. With many parts of the nation experiencing the changing of seasons, this is an extremely helpful idea. Not only can weather be a reason for indoor composting, but those who live in an apartment, or an area in which they cannot have an outdoor compost, may also utilize this alternative as well. Worm compost is essentially made in a type of container that is filled with moistened bedding and red wiggler worms. By adding the food waste to the compost, the worms will eventually convert the entirety of the waste into rich compost that will be used for soil conditioner.

It is not difficult to start your own compost, and there are many online options for individuals who find themselves interested. Many websites provide step by step processes which walk people through the process. However, the only things that someone would need to get started would be a container, bedding and worms. Many people utilize pieces of wood or plastic to build or buy their container. If one is creative, they may recycle a piece of old furniture or a discarded barrel. Many people do prefer wood due to the fact that it is more absorbent and provides more insulation for the worms, which are doing such a miraculous task for us.

Some people utilize plastic, however, which creates more of a wetness in the compost. However, there are many recommendations that say to experiment to see what works best for you. By weighing your household waste for one week, one can decide how large of a container to utilize. The container’s depth could be from eight to twelve inches, depending on the waste load. The bedding is important, as well, because it creates an environment for the worms to live in, and bury their food waste inside. This could be shredded newspaper, fall leaves, straw or even seaweed. Lastly, you will need your red wiggler worms which could be found in aged manure compost heaps. You can find these worms in bulk on various online retailer websites.

photo by: Tim Musson

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